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SB Leathers are the top leather boots supplier, manufacturer, and supplier in the UK.

Like most good things
each SB product starts with a great idea.

SB quality leathers


Established since 2003 we are a design and quality led innovative leather goods company. SB’s team of young designers work to combine traditional processes and the latest trends for creating specialist equestrian products such as western boots, saddles and spur straps as well more commercial and stylish products such as women’s bags, luggage and belts.

Whilst we source a variety of top quality materials from all over the world the leather in our products is only the best handpicked calf leather from Argentina. All of which is vegetable or chrome tanned. Our products come to life bringing together traditional Indian artisanal craftsmanship with modern design and technology. We also produce a range of faux leather products where you will find the same level of quality and detail as our natural leather goods.

SB’s inspiring teams led by Biju Abraham and Saji Thomas, with over two decades’ combined experience, has created a world-recognised brand accredited by Export House certification of the Council for Leather Exports in India.


Our experienced design team remains consistently up to date with fashion trends and innovative ideas and work diligently to bring those ideas to life. Each season the team produces a range that is stylish as well as functional. They are sold throughout the world sealing the reputation of SB Leather goods.

Using the latest production technology and machinery from Italy, Germany, China and India we create master pieces under the watchful eyes of our designers. It takes a workforce of 300 skilled workers, 30 technicians, designers and merchandisers to produce around 25,000 units each month. Our consistent quality control, as per the ISO 9001-2015 quality standard, throughout the supply chain and production process ensures the high quality product that reaches you in perfect condition.

Finally, we’d like to add that the use of fair and ethical labour practices is something we are most proud of. In compliance with the legislative provisions under Indian Law and EU regulations we stand against the use of child labour.