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BOOTS SUPPLIER UK - SB leathers Pvt. Ltd.

A Leading Boots Suppliers Serving Since 2003

We are SB leathers Pvt. Ltd., the leading suppliers & exporters of high-quality leather boots. We supply leather boots of the best quality and ensure that in the process, we keep up with the set standards. Our staff makes it possible by going the extra mile to provide our customers with the leather boots they dream of. We are proud of our company’s policy of no use of child labour. While we adhere strictly to the golden rules of leather-making, we are also not afraid of experimenting and introducing new and unique leather products in the market.

SB leathers are the top leather boots supplier, manufacturer, and supplier in the UK

Our Company's Goal

Most of our customers come to us enquiring about the products and their price but we believe that leather is a lot more than just the final product that our customers get to see. The entire process of extracting, dyeing, finishing, and detailing the leather is of great importance and finesse. Our goal is to become the no.1 suppliers of leather boots in United Kingdom (UK) and to bridge the gap between our workforce and our customers and introduce them to everything about the process of leather boots manufacturing. The other important objective that drives us is to take baby steps forward in the direction of making leather greener. As strange as it might sound, by this, we mean utilizing less waste-producing processes, trying to give back as much as we take from the planet. 

Our Narratives

High Quality Leather

Finest Manufacturing Processes

Focus On Sustainability

Workforce Empowerment

Rigorous Innovation


Why Choose Us?

The leather industry in India is highly competitive and evolving. With the advent of new machines and automated processes, the traditional essence of leather manufacturing has become a tale of the past. But here at SB leathers Pvt. Ltd., our focus is multidimensional. While quality is uncompromised under all conditions we make sure that we supply the best quality leather to you with the sense of traditional keep-up. Our supply processes are safe, thoroughly checked at various steps, and reported regularly to eradicate any chances of compromise with our brand value. 

Our vigorous efforts to ensure that our boots supplies are low in cost. We are committed to on-time delivery to our customers in every condition.


The Rider Boots

Field Boots

Classic leather boots for competition. A luxury boot made to fit comfortably, made with the finest leather. Soft and easy to wear.


Our Ethos

We stand against the use of child labour. The use of fair and ethical labour practices is something we are most proud of.

Our Supplies Include

We are a lot more than just an boots supplying brand. Read on to discover our diverse range of products:

Equestrian Boots

We deal in a wide variety of boots. Our bestsellers are our Western Cowboy Boots that are crafted to match the aura of the modern ranchers. These boots go well in the rustic setting and are built with durable and high quality leather that makes them last long. 

Other Equestrian Products

This category mainly comprises of the leather gears that find use in the life of a ranch-dweller or lover. These are Western Saddles, Headstalls, Halters, Breast Collars, Spur Straps, Nose Bands, Reins, Bosals, Girths, Lead Ropes, Nylon Halters, Rugs and Saddle Blankets. 


Leather Fashion Products

Leather fashion is unparalleled. We hence deal in women’s purses, handbags, belts and pet products too. 


Customized Products:

You name it and we craft it for you. Our experienced artisans can work on leather to curate the product exactly as you ask them to. This comes by way of years of practice and talent.