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Tried & Tested

Our testing panel give their verdicts on a robust padlock, ankle length paddock boots
COMPILED BY: Stephanie Bateman

SB leathers are the top leather boots supplier, manufacturer, and supplier in the UK.
SB leathers are the top leather boots supplier, manufacturer, and supplier in the UK.


Product : This practical ankle length paddock boot features lace up detail at the front, a sturdy and durable rubber sole, as well as a back zip closure. Breathable fabric inner linings complement the brown leather upper.

Cost : £120

Tester Stephanie Bateman says: Working around horses and in the garden in the summer, I am always undecided about what to wear on my feet. Trainers are lightweight and cool when the weather is hot, but they offer no protection when handling horses on the yard, and wellies are simply sweltering. These paddock boots were smart, lightweight and comfortable, but also hugely practical because I could ride in them and safely work around the horses in them. I’ve worn them since early spring so they have seen wet, mud, sun and dust, and they’ve performed brilliantly. I can wear them with shorts without looking silly when the temperature was boiling, but they also work with jeans and jods. They are super comfy

— the sole inside the boot is spongey and the rubber sole really absorbs concussion from hard surfaces. The lace-up detail is pretty but not hugely practical

— I used the back zip and popper to get them on and off which made life easier and saved time tying laces. Despite the myriad conditions they have been tested in, a quick wipe over and a bit of leather conditioner and they smarten up brilliantly. They’re not cheap, but they are worth the money, especially as, despite extensive wear, they still look great.

Published By : Country Smallholding September 2021