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Research & Development


Our objectives as leather exporters are:

To ensure consistent production of quality products

To keep a check on the demand and supply chain

To innovate and create new and good products

To maintain good industry relations

To match the pricing levels and deliver the best rates

SB Leathers are the top leather boots supplier, manufacturer, and supplier in the UK.

Major areas of R&D:

We as a firm are focused on various areas of research and development to ensure all-around progress of not just the brand but the people involved in the process.

We are keen on including the following domains to enhance our productivity and value:

Sustainability enhancement: We are committed to posing as less of harm to our future generations as possible. Sustainable leather is sure to be a huge step in this direction. Although sustainability-assured products enforce higher prices, they come in better quality and a promise of a better future for our children

Environmental safeguarding: Environmental safeguarding is essential as we believe in giving back to the planet. Our approach is to maintain good practices that lead to lesser harm, efflux of pollutants, and a stop to over-exploitation of resources. 

New industry innovations and technical advancements: While it is hard to catch up with the unending technical advancements in terms of production units, quality assurance, etc, our R&D team ensures that they help us to keep ourselves up-to-date with the necessary changes.