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Everyone who is a shoe freak knows the importance of one. They all have fantasies regarding the types of boots they wear like leather boots, silicon boots, rubber boots, etc. Out of all, leather boots are the ones that suffer the most damage. So, it’s important to take extra care of them.

After all, who wants their favorite shoes to wither away? Let us tell you some tips and tricks on how you can make your leather boots last longer in a wearable manner.

Tips and Tricks

Protect Your Boots From Rain:

 There comes a protective spray that works like magic. It does not only help the boots stay waterproof but also works well against stains. It will build a protective layer on the boots so that before any unwanted article penetrates your boots, you can just wipe it off. Spraying it on the boots once a week will be more than enough. 

Remove Stains Right Away:

The name says for itself here. There might be times when you could not take care of your boots and they got stained.If by any chance something like this happens to your boots, don’t let it be. Wipe off your stains as soon as possible and get them cleaned to avoid any further damage to the boots. Doing it as soon as possible will minimize the damage to the boots. 


If you are a shoe lover this is something you would already know. It’s very important to keep on moisturizing your shoe like you moisturize your skin on a daily basis. This will help you preserve the shine and the quality of the leather will last longer. You will find various shops with leather conditioners that will serve the purpose accurately. 

An Extra Rubber Sole:

Are youtoo concerned about your boots? Well, it wouldn’t be a surprising fact. This remedy is for those who like extra protection on their boots just to be very careful. You could try adding another thin protective rubber sole to your boots. This will help you increase the longevity of the soles which will in turn let your boots last longer. These services are available in boot shops at very nominal prices so you don’t have to worry about that.

Keep The Boots Straight:

In the case of long boots, there is a boot shaper box that will help your boots stay in shape and stand straight. The box can be customized according to the size of your boots which will help your boots fit perfectly in the box without any damage whatsoever.  

Keep An Eye Out  For Any Damage:

There are many people who wait till the damage is irreversible. As soon as you see any damage on the boots or signs of it withering away, get it treated. This might not help the shoe to become like the brand new one but at the very least it will help to stay for a little bit longer. 

Treat Color Fades Or Any Other Scruff:

Are you witnessing color fades in your boots? Leather creams are there to your rescue. Apply the cream on the boot with any small brush and you are good to go again. There are creams available in many colors, so purchase the one that suits the boots perfectly and run it over. For any severe damage, you can also give your boots to a decent repair shop and they will have it done for you. 

Clean Boots after Each Use:

Wiping off your boots after each use will help you get rid of any dust or dirt that might have accumulated. This might not seem like a very big deal to many of you but it plays a big role for the same. Once you get this habit injected into you, you will notice the difference by yourself. Start it from today itself!

Material of the Wipe:

It’s very important to notice exactly what kind of material you are using for wiping off the boots. You don’t want a good task to turn into an adverse one, do you? Instead of using any cloth, use cotton balls to wipe off the boots. This will help you compliment the delicacy and maintenance of the leather perfectly. 

The above are some most effective ways that will help your leather boots last longer. You don’t need any other thing if you just keep in mind the above-mentioned points. Try it on your own and you will experience the changes yourself. No more saying bye to your favourite boots.

Whether it is for any rough sport like horse riding or any other thing, as long as you take care of the boots, it will take care of your feelings. Anyways don’t wait another day to inculcate these in your boot care routine and do it right away. 

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