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Top 5 Polo Boot Accessories Every Rider Should Own in the UK


Polo, a sport synonymous with elegance, precision, and exhilaration, has a rich tradition that extends to the United Kingdom. As riders mount their horses and engage in this thrilling game, the significance of proper equipment cannot be overstated. While polo boots serve as the foundation for a rider’s performance, a well-rounded set of accessories can elevate the experience to new heights.¬†

Polo Boot Accessories that Every Rider Should Own

Below we delve into the realm of polo boot accessories, exploring the top five items that every rider should consider owning in the UK.

1. Boot Trees for Preservation and Shape Maintenance

Polo boots are more than just athletic gear; they are a symbol of dedication to the sport. To preserve their longevity and maintain their impeccable shape, investing in high-quality boot trees is essential. Boot trees not only prevent these riding boots from sagging and wrinkling but also promote air circulation, preventing the buildup of moisture that could damage the leather. For UK riders who experience varying weather conditions, these accessories are crucial to ensure that their prized polo boots remain in pristine condition. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic newcomer, boot trees are a must-have to extend the life and aesthetic appeal of your riding boots.

2. Customizable Boot Straps for Personalized Fit

Polo is a game that demands precision and agility, and the comfort of a rider’s footwear plays a pivotal role in achieving top performance. Customizable boot straps offer a solution tailored to individual preferences, allowing riders to adjust the fit around their calves and ankles. In the UK, where players often participate in matches under unpredictable weather conditions, these straps provide an added layer of security. Whether it’s tightening them for extra stability during a fast-paced gallop or loosening them for comfort during extended chukkas, these accessories grant riders the flexibility they need to excel in any situation.

3.  Premium Leather Boot Care Kits

The weather in the UK can be as unpredictable as a polo match itself, with rain and mud posing constant challenges for riders. To combat the elements and maintain the lustre of your riding boots, a premium leather boot care kit is indispensable. These kits often include leather cleaners, conditioners, and polishes tailored to the specific needs of polo boots. Regular maintenance not only enhances the appearance of these riding boots but also prevents cracks and abrasions, ensuring that your investment withstands the test of time. For UK riders who value both functionality and aesthetics, a comprehensive boot care kit is an essential addition to their equestrian toolkit.

4. Polo Boot Bags for Protection on the Go

In the world of polo, where the bond between rider and horse is paramount, the journey to and from the pitch is as significant as the match itself. Polo boot bags offer a convenient and protective solution for transporting your boots. Designed to shield these riding boots from dust, dirt, and potential scuffs, these bags are an ideal companion for riders in the UK who often travel to different venues for matches and practices. Many bags also feature compartments for storing accessories such as boot trees and care products, ensuring that your entire polo boot ensemble remains organized and well-preserved.

5. Heel Guards for Enhanced Stability

The equestrian ballet that is polo requires riders to execute swift and precise movements, often at high speeds. Heel guards, designed to be affixed to the back of polo boots, serve as an additional layer of support for the rider’s foot in the stirrup. By preventing the foot from slipping too far into the stirrup and providing stability during intense maneuvers, heel guards enhance a rider’s control over their mount. For polo enthusiasts in the UK who aspire to achieve mastery over their movements on the field, these unassuming accessories can make a significant difference in their performance and safety.


As riders across the United Kingdom embark on their equestrian journeys, the significance of proper equipment cannot be overstated. From boot trees that preserve the elegance of polo boots to heel guards that enhance stability during thrilling chukkas, each accessory plays a vital role in elevating a rider’s experience.

By investing in these top five polo boot accessories, riders in the UK can embrace the sport with confidence, knowing that they are equipped for success, both on and off the field.

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