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Long Boots or Boot Chaps

Which one’s best?

Long boots and chaps are two types of footwear commonly used in equestrian activities in the UK. But the long boot vs chap debate will continue to rage on, as each type of footwear has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

1. Long Boots

Long boots are an essential item of footwear for equestrian activities in the UK. Long boots are long, tall leather boots that come up to the knee or higher, usually with a long zipper on the inner side.


When it comes to long boots, there are several types available for the rider. The most common type is the traditional long boot that goes up to the knee or higher. Some long boots come with a long zipper on the inner side for easy removal and extra protection from water and mud. Other long boots come with shorter lengths, such as the mucker boot, which goes up to the ankle or slightly above.


The main purpose of riding boots is to protect the rider’s feet and legs from chafing from the saddle and to provide extra support to the rider’s lower legs, ankle and foot. In addition, riding boots can also provide some level of

protection in the event of a fall.

Are long boots very expensive?

You need not spend a fortune on a good pair of riding boots. Whether you’re looking for a cheap pair of everyday boots or something more lavish for the show ring, our suppliers make sure to supply outstanding pairs that fit your


Long boots for wide calves

We have an excellent variety of riding boots that are comfortable and accommodating to those with wider calves. Check out our selection of fashionable and practical riding boots, ideal for use in the show ring or just out on the trail.

Riding boot fitting guide

If you’re shopping for a pair of riding boots, it’s important that you take the time to accurately measure your feet and use our sizing guide. Finding the right pair of riding boots is a breeze if you know your size.

Care tips

Riding boot maintenance will vary according to the material used in their manufacture. To keep leather boots looking great, you should polish and condition them often. Synthetic and rubber boots, on the other hand, only require a moist cloth to seem good as new.

2. Boots Chaps

Chaps are long leather leg coverings that go over regular riding boots and provide additional protection to the lower legs while riding. They usually have laces or buckles at the front and back for a secure fit. Chaps are more affordable than long boots, and they are also more breathable and flexible.


When it comes to boot chaps, there are a number of different styles available. The traditional chap is long and leather and covers the entire lower leg down to the ankle. It usually has buckles or laces for a secure fit. There are also shorter chaps that go up to mid-calf length, as well as half-chaps that only cover the front of the lower leg. 


The main purpose of it is to provide an additional protection to the lower legs while riding when things don’t go according to plan and you slip off your Horse. They are more breathable and flexible.

Affordable alternative

This low-cost substitute for traditional riding boots can be used to express individuality on the horseback. Half chaps are often chosen since they are more affordable.

Chaps fitting guide

Chaps are not made to go on like a pair of pants. So, if the thigh fits well, it will help you get the best fit. Measure the middle of your thigh, not the top, or you might order a waist size that is too big.

Care tips

After each performance, you should give them a light brushing with a horsehair hat brush or other soft bristle grooming brush (but only that brush; never use it for anything else). Chaps made of leather or Ultrasuede will be damaged by arena dust if it is allowed to remain on them for an extended period of time. Our exclusive range of riding boots in UK has something for everyone.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which type of footwear is best for your needs. Both long boots and chaps offer great protection and support while riding, so the best choice depends on personal preference and needs.  No matter which one you choose, you can be sure that your feet will be well-protected during long rides. 

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